3 Keys to Reopening A Nightclub or Bar After COVID

We work with nightclubs all across Canada, the US, Europe, and most recently the UAE. Regardless of where they are in the world, most of our clients these days are more or less facing the same issues. Their businesses are either shut down or heavily restricted because of the covid-19 pandemic. Many club operators have little idea of when business will be back to normal, or what our new ‘normal’ will even be.

Clubs have gone under a tonne of scrutiny and the restrictions imposed by local and federal governments have basically turned them into a shell of what they once were. The Nightlife industry has taken a heavy hit during the pandemic but that doesn’t mean there’s no hope. Despite everything that’s happening, some of our clients have been making the most with what they have and have seen success by taking advantage of 3 key features of Mr. Black.

Check out some of our tips below on how to successfully re-open your Nightclub.

  1. Contact Tracing
    We’ve implemented a contact tracing feature that can be used during check-in to keep a record of clients coming into the club. During the check-in process, you can quickly get a customer to fill out their contact tracing form to collect important info and also ask questions regarding covid-19 symptoms.

    contact tracing software for nightclubscovid-19 management form nightclubs

  2. Deposits
    Business has severely slowed down and securing reservations has never been more important. Our deposit feature lets you quickly and easily lock down a portion of your guests’ minimum by having them pay before you confirm their reservation. This simple process helps to secure reservations and prevents last-minute cancellations.

    secure payments with depositsnightclub management application with deposits

  3. Capacity Management
    Capacity is being more strictly monitored these days, and the best thing you can do to ensure that your venue is following the rules is by using our capacity tracking clicker tool. The clicker is operated by anyone at the front door and lets venue management track capacity in real-time.

    nightclub real-time capacity management software

Visit our Product Page for a full breakdown of our venue & reservation management features.

2021 is going to be a year of recovery, and clubs are going to be open and busy again in no time. Mr. Black is here to support your business when you need it the most and we hope the tips mentioned in this article make reopening easier for your club.

For a quick demo or more info on any of the features mentioned in this article, please reach out to cs@mrblackapp.com

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